Child Development

NH DCYF data
DCYF started publicly sharing data during the Covid-19 pandemic. They now regularly release monthly and annual reports about trends in child protection and juvenile justice.

NH DCYF Community Response Guide
Recording from November 2023 meeting
Handout with resources from November 2023 meeting

Office of the Child Advocate
The OCA has oversight of state child-serving agencies (expanded recently to include more than just DCYF).

Updates from the Office of the Child Advocate to CIC, November 2020


Court Appointed Special Advocates are a voice for children in DCYF-involved court cases.

NH Children’s Trust
NH Children’s Trust is the NH Chapter of Prevent Child Abuse America. They support NH Family Resource Centers and have a focus on prevention work in our state.

NH Children’s System of Care

California Evidence Based Clearinghouse for Child Welfare
Registry of EBPs for children, mostly focused on Child Welfare

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren, handout from 2019

Live Free and Thrive, update from DCYF about Child Welfare Transformation, March 2019