NASW-NH Committees and Activities

The New Hampshire NASW Chapter has a committee likely to be of interest to every NASW member. Working on a chapter committee can be stimulating, rewarding, and informative, and helps contribute to the development of our profession. All NASW members are welcome to join the committees listed here in the NASW NH office or virtually via Zoom. Please know that you are welcome to "committee shop" - not sure where you want to put your time and efforts, drop in and visit a committee.

If you would like more information, please contact the Chapter at (603) 226-7135 or email Please view our Facebook page and/or event calendar for times and dates

Social & Legislative Action Committee (SLAC)

This Committee’s purpose is to develop our legislative agenda. We prioritize our issues and create plans of action.
SLAC encourages all members to advocate for professional and social justice issues by contacting your Representatives.
NH-NASW will provide it’s members with periodical email alerts with information provided by SLAC, including:

  • information about pending legislation
  • email, postal addresses, and phone numbers for key policy makers
  • sample “cut and paste” texts or statements for your convenience in lobbying.

This committee provides an amazing opportunity to learn more about our legislative process and see what is happening in our state.

Clinical Social Work Committee

Chair- Jill Johnson Bardsley, LICSW
The role of the Clinical Social Work Committee is to provide a forum to discuss issues relevant to the practice of clinical social work. Each meeting includes a short presentation.
Many social workers use this committee to network with clinicians across the state, ask questions about their practice, and peer consultation.

For more information please email Jill at

Diversity & Equity Action Committee

Chair -Savitri Horrigan, MSW,
The purpose of the NH NASW Diversity & Equity Action Committee is to increase awareness of diversity issues, advocate for the needs of diverse populations within our communities, support diversity in our profession and in our Board, and encourage opportunities for social workers to build their ability to meaningfully apply diversity principles.

Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee is now a combined effort with the VT & ME Chapters entitled "NNE Ethics Forum". Join us for our monthly collaboration where you can ask your ethical concerns and participate in hypothetical-scenario roundtables. Ethics CEUs may be available! 

Children’s Issues Committee

Co-Chairs- Sarah Merrigan, LICSW and Chelsey Helmke, LICSW
The Children’s Issues Committee’s goal is to identify the broader causes of social problems within the local and state community, and to actively work toward the elimination of these causes of dysfunction through advocating change of the social service system itself. Furthermore, we work collaboratively with other child advocacy groups to address issues, as well as work with the SLAC committee to improve social institutions, systems, legislation, and practice that impose hardship on children and families.

For more information please email Sarah at

Committee On Aging

Co-Chairs-  Meredith Kolodze and Angela Zhang
The Committee on Aging is engaged in linking social workers that are interested in issues pertinent to our aging population. We meet on a monthly basis to address the improvement of social work practice with this population, as well as to advocate for pertinent legislation, and to promote aging issues, programs, and technologies. In our efforts we coordinate with existing coalitions on aging and local groups of like interest.

For more information please email Meredith at

NH Political Action for Candidate Election (PACE)

The PACE committee provides a way for NASW NH to make campaign contributions to candidates on the local level. This committee is primarily focused on electoral activities aimed at supporting specific candidates who promote or espouse NASW policies. This committee may only be attended by NASW Members.

Find the committee's 2020 endorsements here!

NH School Social Workers Association

Courtney Porter

The New Hampshire School Social Workers’ Association is the only professional association dedicated solely to the visibility and viability of School Social Work and the students and families that they serve. Coming from a strengths-based perspective, school social workers provide an ecological approach to insuring student success. They assist children and families by examining those factors in the home, school and/or community that are impacting a student’s educational success and then assist in reducing those barriers to learning. School Social Workers function within the school setting to strengthen the social/ emotional well being of all students in order to enhance academic and personal goals.