Clinical Committee

The NASW NH Clinical Social Work Committee  provides a forum to discuss issues relevant to the practice of clinical social work, advocates for clinical social workers and their clients, works to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion for all, and shares current legislative information to provide members with all pertinent policies in the state of New Hampshire.

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Clinical Committee Meeting Notes from 6/10/22 

Updates regarding the chapter, plans for Social Work Compact. Planning for next fiscal year. Collaboration/consultation. Clinical Presentation from Rebecca Rondeau, LICSW, MLADC - Trauma as a Co-Occuring Disorder.

Clinical Committee Meeting Notes from 5/13/22 

The Committee received detailed updates on the BMHP from Sam Rosario. Reviewed upcoming events relating to the NASW NH Chapter. Discussion relating to insurance companies creating loopholes to pay providers less. Presentation on Genograms from Kevin Keefe.

Clinical Committee Meeting Notes from 4/7/22

Celebrating Sheila and her retirement, Presentation of Clinical Bifocals: Studying Social Work Issues from Up Close and Afar, From a Soon-To-Be MSW


Clinical Committee Meeting Notes from 3/11/22 

Updates regarding the chapter, BMHP, current legislative session. Collaboration/consultation. Presentation from Christine McKenna on Drug Court.

Clinical Committee Meeting Notes from 2/11/22 

Updates on CE trainings and information about the Social Work Celebration on Friday March 25th. Discussed mental health parity bill structure. Sam Rosario from BMHP discussed updates and the tiered system for licensure including bachelor level. Emergency order for telehealth/licenses has been extended. BMHP is working on an interstate contract next year. Supervision for licensure has been changed to include video supervision in a HIPPA compliant platform and access to records required. Discussed boundary violations recently. Discussed the peer consultation group rules and processes. Larry Shulman, MSW, Ed. D. presented on Suicide Prevention Evidence Based Practice. 

Clinical Committee Meeting Notes from 1/14/22 

(13 attendees) Updates on NASW-NH upcoming training offerings, Social Work Celebration in March, changes to student loan forgiveness for social workers. Lively discussions about financial struggles of younger social workers with student debt, the No Surprises Act, the NASW-NH list of approved supervisors, ongoing pandemic stress and anxiety in clients and ourselves. Collaboration regarding legal requirements of being subpoenaed in a divorce case. Presentation from Jill Johnson Bardsley, LICSW, ADHD, Learning Struggles, & Differential 

Clinical Committee Meeting Notes from 12/10/21 

(16 attendees) Updates from Executive Director Lynn Stanley about NASW training opportunities and regarding the forthcoming legislative session will be full and challenging. Discussion regarding current social work education programs within the country decreasing requirements for credits and clinical practice, thoughts on how to raise awareness and concerns. Review of requirements for becoming an approved clinical supervisor. Presentation from Marci Morris, LICSW giving an overview of supervision roles, expectations, themes, and requirements.


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