Ask the Candidate

Going to see a presidential candidate? Check this out before you go.

Hello NASW NH Members,

I joke with the other Chapter EDs that in New Hampshire, every four years, you can't walk out your door without tripping over someone running for President. It is that time again!

We want social workers in NH to be seen and heard during this primary season.

There are so many meet and greets in people's homes and public venues. Just look at the campaign schedule of a candidate that interests you - if nothing is immediate, sign up for notices, though be prepared for a lot of emails from that candidate).

Based on NASW national priorities, are five questions (below) from which you can pick one or more to ask. These are just suggestions!

What we really want is for you to send us video of you identifying yourself as a social worker, asking your question about an issue that affects your clients or community, and getting the answer from the candidate. Or - just send us a picture to post on Facebook page and our website of you and the candidate!

As social workers in the First In the Nation Primary, I believe we have the opportunity and the responsibility to have our voices heard. Let's not waste it but rather amplify it through social media.

Any questions or ideas on how we as social workers can stand up? You know where to find me!


Five Questions for Presidential Candidates
1.What strategies do you support to preserve and strengthen Social Security (including Supplemental Security Income [SSI] and Social Security Disability Insurance [SSDI]), Medicaid, and Medicare?

2.What strategies do you support to eliminate the disparities between mental health and physical health services?

3.What strategies do you support to address the gun violence epidemic in our country?

4.What strategies do you support to deal with immigration policy?

5.How will you ensure that social workers are safe in their workplace settings?