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HIV: Mythbusters Edition Virtual Presentation

Health care professionals outside of those practicing in Infectious Disease HIV, do not
understand that HIV that is no longer detectable can no longer be transmitted. (U=U is
the term used for people with HIV who achieve and maintain an undetectable viral
load). Many providers and prevention professionals, outside of HIV specialists, do not
know about Pre-exposure Prophylaxis and how this treatment can prevent someone
from becoming infected with HIV. Perceptions of HIV are often based on myths,
misinformation, and outdated information that still contributes to stigma. Stigma
prevents individuals who are at risk for HIV and living with HIV from accessing these
lifesaving treatments.
This one-hour session is designed for an interprofessional audience of providers and
prevention staff with the goal of providing support to individuals with HIV and at risk
for HIV. Presenters will outline how the treatment of HIV has progressed; the use of
the use of Pre-exposure Prophylaxis, for those with undetectable viral loads; and the
influence of stigma on treatment.

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