Strategies to Address the Intersection of the Opioid Crisis and Homelessness

NASWNH Chapter 0 37

The NH Coalition to End Homelessness will host a half-day online training on Strategies to Address the Intersection of the Opioid Crisis and Homelessness presented by Stephanie Savard, LICSW & Meghan Shea.

With the opioid crisis directly impacting all populations across New Hampshire, it is not surprising that the most vulnerable population, those who are experiencing homelessness, are hardest hit. Whether a provider is in a treatment setting or working in a social service agency, all stakeholders need to increase their understanding of the impact of OUD and opioid misuse on the homeless population. This workshop will provide an understanding of the prevalence of this issue, challenges to providing services to those with OUD and homelessness in diverse settings and provide evidenced based solutions to develop and implement interventions and response strategies.

Trauma-Responsive Approaches for Mental Health Professionals

NASWNH Chapter 0 88

In this workshop participants will move beyond a general understanding of trauma and basic trauma-informed model to a more trauma-responsive, resilient approach.


Participants will be able to :

§ Describe the impacts of toxic stress and identify the underlying causes of

behavioral responses

§ Practice elevating the dialogue around trauma to shift the perspective away

from a reactive approach to a responsive approach when working with highly

traumatized individuals

§ Discuss how your clients’ physical responses are ingrained in how they react to

and perceive the world

§ Describe emotional regulation techniques for clinicians/case managers to teach


§ Explore resiliency and discuss ways to build client empowerment and coping strategies


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