Career Services

NASW is here for you as you make the transition from student to professional.

We let you know what employers are looking for in a resume and how to make your cover letter stand out.  We provide tips on how to market yourself, and help you prepare for that important interview.

Interview tips

Make sure you're prepared for the interview. These tips will help you interview successfully and gain the job offer you're seeking. Find help writing your resume, preparing for the interview, and advancing your social work career.

Interview tips

Resumes and cover letters

In a competitive job market, it's essential that you know how to create an effective cover letter and resume. ;We provide you with tips and suggestions on how to represent your unique skills and get your message across to perspective employers. We also provide you with examples of social work resumes and cover letters to guide the process.

Information on how to write resumes and cover letters

Social work salaries

Social work salaries can vary significantly, depending on a number of factors, including geographic location, highest social work degree and area of practice. We have you covered with current social work employment outlooks, research, and facts, along with social work employment salaries and trends.

Information on social work salaries

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