Student Advocacy

Social workers advocate on behalf of individuals and larger systems to increase equity and access to resources such as housing, food, and health services. Our profession was established around the principles of  social justice and one of the cores of our Code of Ethics is that we challenge social injustice with and on behalf of vulnerable and oppressed individuals and groups of people.  

The New Hampshire Legislature

The General Court of NH homepage provides session information and meeting schedules for the General Assembly.  It is also where you can find bills and get quick links on how to contact your Representatives and Senator.

Social & Legislative Action Committee (SLAC)

This Committee’s purpose is to develop our legislative agenda. We prioritize our issues and create plans of action.
SLAC encourages all members to advocate for professional and social justice issues by contacting your Representatives.
NH-NASW will provide it’s members with periodical email alerts with information provided by SLAC, including:

  • information about pending legislation
  • email, postal addresses, and phone numbers for key policy makers
  • sample “cut and paste” texts or statements for your convenience in lobbying.

Learn what NASW National has for legislative priorities and how you can get involved in policy at the National level.

NASW Social Work Advocacy Resources

  • Social Justice Priorities
  • School Social Work Advocacy
  • TANF Reauthorization
  • News From the Hill

  • meeting with person looking at camera