2020 Board of Directors Nominations

For your review are the nominees for our upcoming NH NASW Board election.

Thank you for your consideration and thank you to all our nominees who have stepped forward to grow and strengthen our Chapter.


Carol Sobelson - Concord, NH

NASW Involvement/Positions Held/Years as an NASW member

  • NH NASW Secretary 
  • NH NASW Treasurer
  • NH NASW Board Member
Platform Statement
After graduating from Boston College, I attended Columbia University School of Social Work. After moving to Concord in 1984, I taught at Connecticut University School of Social Work on the Concord campus while maintaining a private practice. Although I do not teach at the present time, I continue to maintain a private practice in NH for 33 years. I have had the honor to participating on many nonprofit boards over the years : The Circle Program, a non profit organization for disadvantaged young girls in NH through a residential summer camp and year-round mentoring program, CATCH (Concord Area Trust for Community Housing) a non profit that creates affordable work force housing in the Concord area, and currently Riverbend CMHC and NASW NH. Living in Concord has allowed me to remain active on board projects and being able to attend legislative hearings on issues that effect NH citizens as well as social workers in our state. Over the last 6 years during my tenure on the NASW NH board, I have enjoyed being a part of a vibrant organization. My investment in working on the board has become a highlight of my professional career. I hope to continue my commitment to NASW NH if I have the honor to serve as President elect . The prior presidents have mentored me well by their dedication to social issues and their investments towards making NASW NH a powerful and influential organization in our state. I would be honored to lead NH social workers in enhancing our professional growth and development , to create and maintain professional standards for social workers, and to advance sound social policies in our state.


John Gramuglia - Waterville Valley, NH

NASW Invoivement/Positions Held/Years as an NASW member
  • Former President of NASW VT

Platform Statement: 
Social work is a profession that can have a profound effect on our communities. As social workers we aid those most vulnerable in our society. Having spent approximately 20 years working in multiple states in correctional organizations, it is apparent that justice in America currently is something to be purchased. I would like to see justice as an ideal that is equal for all people. 

I believe by addressing our societal issues regarding opportunity, education and helping folks develop skills will empower people to be able to help themselves. When there are those who are incapable of helping themselves, we help them.

Kevin Keefe - Candia, NH

NASW Invoivement/Positions Held/Years as an NASW member

  • NASW Member since 03/01/1993
  • Committee Memberships:Clinical Committee & SLAC
  • NASW NH Board Member (by appointment) May 2019-January 2020
  • NASW NH Board Vice President (filling vacancy)January 2019-present

I am a volunteer, just as I am a Social Worker.It wasn’t really a choice and certainly not a job but truly a vocation.Being a member of SLAC and Clinical Committee has brought me the privilege of forming relationships with our fellow members and leadership.As my understanding and appreciation has increased for the monumental tasks of chapter operations, I was provided an opportunity to serve as an appointed Board member and then to serve out the remainder of John DeJoie’s term as Vice President of the Board as John assumed a new role with NASW NH. In thinking about actually running for Vice President and why, it is simple:I am a good steward and will continue to grow in my expertise and abilities…all in support of the needs and interests of NASW NH members, NASW and the chapter itself.


Celia Wooverton - Holderness, NH

NASW Involvement/Positions Held/Years as an NASW member
  • NASW NH member since 1989

Platform Statement:
I have worked in since I was 16 years old. As a 60 year old social worker, I have had many roles which have taught me the critical importance of self-awareness, cooperation, competence, integrity, active listening, and social justice. I am a deeply caring, empathic person with strong boundaries and a sincere belief in the importance of connection. 

I believe now more than ever, there is a crucial need for connection across all disciplines and belief systems. To establish trust, respect, and cooperation of all people will move us forward, not only in the field of social work, but in our national and international relationships. 

Service is a central core value in my family; I have taught my children that if you help the life of one person, it helps the life of many. I would like to be of service to NASW. 

Jorge Santana - Concord, NH

NASW Involvement/Positions Held/Years as an NASW member

  • NASW MA Member 2010-2016
  • NASW NH Member since 2018

Platform Statement:
My name is Jorge Santana, Executive Director at PACE Career Academy Charter High School in Pembroke. I am grateful at the opportunity to provide a learning community for young people and families here in NH. I am a high school dropout, first in my family to graduate college, and went on to complete my masters program. My life experiences, relationships, and education led me to follow social work as a career and shapes my approach to the work. 

I found my passion in designing programming and systems to best meet the needs of young people and families. I enjoy problem solving and working collaboratively on teams. I hope to bring my tools and experience to bare on supporting young people and families in NH. I look forward to the opportunity to work with this board to build off of what is working and help problem solve what is not.


Gina Apgar - Kittery, Maine

NASW Involvement/Positions Held/Years as an NASW member
  • Student Member since 2020    
Platform Statement:

I’ve dedicated my career to working with children and families, particularly those that are marginalized. I earned my A.S. in Early Childhood Education and my B.S. in Human Services and Early Childhood Development completing a track in administration and leadership. I’ve held various positions including Lead Teacher, Home Visitor, and currently Family Support Coordinator where I work with families of children with chronic health conditions. I’ve been on the Governing Board of the New Hampshire Association for the Education of Young Children (NHAEYC) since 2014 where I served as Secretary, participated in local, state, and national advocacy efforts, and coordinated professional development opportunities. With an interest in advancing opportunities to positively influence change, I pursued LEND (Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and Related Disabilities) training and my MSW. As a non-traditional student with career and board experience and a passion for my work, I believe I would be a good candidate for the MSW Student Representative position on the NASW Board.


Elizabeth Kipp - Kittery, Maine

NASW Involvement/Positions Held/Years as an NASW member
Student member since 2020

Platform Statement:
Keeping an open line of communication between the NASW NH Board and the UNH BSSW student body will be my focus during my service to the board. I am a non-traditional student with an extensive background in working with diverse communities, children, and military families. The benefit of those experiences built a passion in me for strengths-based practice. I am acutely aware that this is a rich opportunity to have a first-hand glimpse into the practical application of our university’s curriculum while also providing the board with a sense of the voices they will soon be listening to in our professional field. During my position on this highly respected board, I will uphold the NASW ethos and echo the wisdom in effecting real change through policy.


Amanda Wilfore - Keene, NH

NASW Involvement/Positions Held/Years as an NASW member
Student member since 2020 

Platform Statement:

I am a junior at Plymouth State University studying Social Work with minors in Anthropology/Sociology and Gerontology. After graduating from Plymouth State, I will be attending graduate school. My goals after getting my education are to work with Veterans in a residential setting as well as become a foster parent. I found a passion in the field of Social Work and pride myself on being a committed and ambitious student. 

I am the president of the Social Work Club and I work as an office assistant in the Social Work Department. I believe that I am a good candidate for PSU’s student representative because I have had the opportunity to understand the student perspective. I will voice this perspective with professionalism. I will be able to utilize the Social Work Club meetings to voice the information from NASW to my fellow classmates.

Lisa Howes - Weymouth, MA

NASW Involvement/Positions Held/Years as an NASW member

  • Student Member since 2020

Platform Statement:
My personal experiences, community outreach, and employment with the Wey Care Program have laid the groundwork to recognize and utilize many social work concepts and skills. 

An essential skill is effectively listening and communicating with parents, other staff members, teachers, and counselors. I regularly share knowledge learned with colleagues about social and mental health issues and how greatly it affects the younger generation. Supporting and advocating for this younger population continues to provide an opportunity to hone my listening, communication and leadership skills. I have earned a reputation as a caring professional who parents look forward to discussing their child with. 

I am self-sufficient, well-rounded individual who displays warmth and empathy and has passion for change. Representing the PSU student body with the NASW would be a wonderful opportunity and allow proactive sharing of current information and events regarding legislation and issues impacting our professional community and the populations we serve.

Sally Cederberg 

My personal experience in the welfare system and my broken childhood is what inspired me to pursue a career in Social Work. As a current BSW candidate, my hope for my future in the profession is to be the person that I needed as a child. I am confident that I will be a supportive clinician to whoever I serve and that I will be able to assist individuals in making positive life changes.

The NASW needs a BSW representative who is determined, passionate, and dedicated to the profession. I have been determined in the face of adversity to succeed in college and pursue the career of my dreams. I am passionate about Social Work and community outreach. I am dedicated to this field, as it has become a part of my identity.

I thank all involved for this opportunity. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.