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Transforming Hidden Racial Bias - 2 Part Series

Science shows we all have implicit or unconscious biases. Certain implicit biases may cause harm creating systems that divide us.

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Science shows we all have implicit or unconscious biases, which is part of being human. Certain implicit biases, such as race, gender, or age do cause harm and perpetuate systems that oppress, exclude, and divide us. Divisions keep us from attracting and retaining top talent, drawing out the best in each other, and creating and cultivating effective teams, organizations, and a culture of inclusion and race equity. Unaddressed, it is like missing a leg on a stool that we need to stand on to succeed and be effective in our work. As leaders, we have a responsibility to learn how to improve our knowledge, skills, and competencies to increase our collective impact and better support our colleagues, organizations, and constituents.

The path to systems and a culture that are predominantly inclusive and equitable is an iterative journey from unaware to advocate. Every system and organization is made up of individuals so this course focuses on the individual and compliments any organizational training. There is no one way to travel on the path. This course provides information, actions, a process, and resources combined with your intention, attention, and commitment to reducing the impact of implicit bias.


This course is for you if you:

- Are aware you have a role and are educating yourself on how to move forward

- Want to do no harm

- Want to liberate yourself

- Don’t know what to do or where to start

- Are afraid to say or do the wrong thing

- Want to build the skill set to take meaningful action

- Want to be an Aly and build powerful partnerships


- Learn Three Technologies to utilize in this work

- Define “implicit racial bias”, and how it works and provide examples

- 5 tangible steps you can take to Stop the implicit racial bias

- Personal action plan

- Resources, support, and next steps

Content for the course has been curated from many sources and includes How to be an Inclusive Leader, Jennifer Brown, Courses from Racial Justice from the Heart, Dr. Amanda Kemp, So You Want To Talk About Race, Ijeoma Oluo and White Fragility, Robin Diangelo. Content adapts the “5 Steps to Stop Implicit Racial Bias” from Dr. Amanda Kemp for this venue and audience and is a mix of assessment tools, videos, direct teaching, facilitated break-out groups, and a small amount of homework."


About the presenter:

Ms. Horn has worked on water quality issues in Colorado Rivers since 1986 as a water quality specialist for Colorado Parks and Wildlife. At CPW, she founded the Volunteer Scientist Program, River Watch, which provides community members monitoring equipment and that data is used in Clean Water Act decisions to protect aquatic life. She has also been a national leader for community scientists serving in various roles, commissions, and committees elevating community science across the nation and internationally. This work illuminated the inequity, exclusion, and lack of diversity within organizations and across disciplines. Today, she is retired from CPW, a Voice and Values Coach, Self-Compassion Trainer, Racial Justice From the Heart Trainer, and a Community Science Consultant. A Colorado native, she claims she reached her maximum potential at five years old and has been trying to get it back since.

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